Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is our 15 Batch now!!

Pre-order is open.. More than 1000 clothes to choose from!!!

Be our follower today and enjoy 5% discount instantly..

Purchase above RM100 free postage!!

Batch 15: Closing on 16/3/2010
Please make your payment only on after i have check your stock availability.
Estimated stock arrival date: 26/3/2010
COD: Pyramid/1Utama
Gallery 1: Album 1 and Album 2 (UPDATED: 29/12/09)

Pre-order 2: Gallery 2 and Gallery 5
* pre-order from this album is different from batch 15.
Gallery 2: Closing on 15/3/2010
Estimated stock arrival date: 2Weeks from closing date.*

BAtch 14: Arrived.. Will mail out this weekend..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Newly added items

Newly added item. Do check out our album to find more new items..

Material: Cotton & Denim; Colour: Black; Length 54cm; Bust 82cm; Sleeves 58cm; Shoulder 39cm

Material: Lycra Cotton; Colour: Coffee, Grey; Bust: 98CM; Shoulder: 47CM; Length: 70CM; Sleeve: 55CM

~To be featured~

Material: Cotton with high-density; Colour: Red, Blue, Coffee, Purple; Bust: 80CM-95CM; Shoulder: 40CM; Length: 80CM; Waist: 70CM

Material: Cotton; Colour: White, Beige, Grey; Bust: 88CM; Lenght: 68CM

Material: Cotton; Colour: Purple; Green; Blue; Length: 70CM Shoulder: 42CM Bust: 98CM

Material: Cotton; Bust: 76CM-90CM); Length: 75CM (not include strap); Waist: 88CM (adjustable)

Material: Ice cotton; Colour: White, Black, Red, Blue; Bust: 100CM; Length: 68CM; (strap not included)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A note from 4Uonly.

Hi Gals,

Batch 4 will arrive on Tuesday, 10/11/09.
Will mail out soon!!!

Batch 5 will close at 10PM today.. Any order placed after that will be taken into batch 6.
Stay tune as more new clothes will be showcased in batch 6!!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Batch 5 : Pre-order

Is Open for order:BATCH 5.

Date: 31/10/09 ~ 7/11/09

Esimated to arrive : 16/11/09

Hurry up gals...Dun miss out the pre-order...
Added more clothings. Please check out my album for more clothes;

VIEW MORE CLOTHES HERE: 4Uonly Album & 4Uonly Album 2

117 (RM27.00)~ Material: Cotton; Colour: Black, Grey, Blue; Length: 67CM; Bust: 70CM (flexible); Waist: 66cm

108 (RM25.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Grey; Length: 58CM; Sleeve Length: 53CM; Bust: 80CM

119 (RM24.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Green, Yellow, Pink, White; Outer Length: 50CM; Bust: 80CM; Inner length: 56CM; Chest: 78CM;

039 (RM33.oo)~Material: Cotton; Color: Light blue, Dark blue, Dlack,grey; Shoulder: 36CM; Bust: 80CM; Sleeve long: 20CM; Waist: 74CM; Length: 83CM

044 (RM22)~Material: Cotton; Color: Purple,Jean Blue, Green, Coffee, Orange, Grey, Yellow, Black,Dark Pink, Pink, Blue, White; Bust: 80-100CM; Sleeve:36CM; Length:58CM

19 (RM27.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Black, Green; Waist: 82CM; Clothing Length: waist 45CM; Waist bellow: 31CM

065 (RM25.00)~ Material: Cotton; Colour: Yellow,White,Grey,Pink; Bust :84-104CM; Shoulder Width: 35CM; Sleeve Length: 13CM; Length: 63CM

001 (RM28.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Apricot; Free Size; Bust: 80-100cm; Length: 76cm

073 (RM27.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Green, Black, Khaki; Bust: 70-90CM; Length: 90CM;

014 (RM36.00)~Material: Korea silk fabric; Colour: White, Grey; Bust: 90-100cm; Length: 83cm

012 (RM26.00)~Material: cotton; Colour: Black, White; Bust: 76-86cm; Length: 70cm (not including strap)

013 (RM27.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Coffee, Black; Bust: 66-82cm; Length: 80cm

016(RM26.00) ~Material: cotton; Colour: Blue, Red, Black, White Bust: 70-86CM; Length: 67CM

015 (RM26.00)~Material: cotton; Colour: White, Blue; Bust: 74-84CM; Length: 59CM

078 (RM26.00) ~ Material: Cotton; Colour: Blue, Orange, Yellow; Bust: 90CM; Shoulder Width: 38CM; Length: 75CM

018 (RM26.00)~Material: Chiffon; Colour: Pink, White, Black; Shoulder Width: 35CM; Bust :80-90CM; Sleeve Length: 41CM; Length: 84CM

010 (RM24.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: White, Black, Pink; Bust:88CM; Sleeve long:12CM; Length:52CM; Shoulder:40CM

090 (RM28.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Black, White; Bust: 70-85CM; Length: 63CM

017 (RM28.00)~Material: Denim; Colour: Pink, Blue; Bust :80-90CM; Waist :70-80CM; Skirt Length: 70CM

094 (RM25.00)~ Two piece; Material: Cotton; Colour: Black, Blue, Purple; Shoulder Width: 34CM; Bust: 80-100CM; Sleeve Length: 18CM; Length: 59CM

087(RM28.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Green, Black, Red; Bust: 52-90CM; Skirt Length: up 88CM; (adjustable strap)

080 (RM31.00)~Inside: Bust :80-90CM Shoulder Width: 30CM Sleeve: 16CM; length: 73CM; Outer: Bust :90-100CM length: 63CM

011 (RM17.00)~Materials: silk + Lycra; Bust :74-84CM; Shoulder: 34CM; Sleeve: 57CM; Length: 54CM Collar: 18CM

031 (RM24.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Green, White Bust:78-98CM; Waist:70-92CM; Length:75CM

089 (RM28.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Blue, Red; Bust: 90-110CM; Skirt Length: 72CM

074 (RM29.00)~Colour: Black, Grey, Pink; Length: 85CM; Bust: 88CM; Sleeve long: 24CM; Buttons can be solved, no zipper

040 (RM22.00)~Material: Cotton; Colour: Red, Black; Length:65CM; Bust:85CM

124(RM17.00)~ Material: Cotton; Color: Jean blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Grey, Blue, Pink, White, Coco, Green blue; Bust: 80-90CM; Length: 60CM

023 (RM20.00)~Material: Chiffon; Color: Green, Pink, Red, Blue; Size: Free

029 (RM26.00)~Material: Chiffon + Cotton Inside; Bust :70-90CM; Length: 40CM; Outer: Bust :90-100CM; Length: 70CM

J107 (RM26.00)~Material: Cotton; Color: Dark Blue, White; Clothing Length: 84CM; Sleeve Length: 30CM; Bust: 84CM; Waist: 68CM (adjustable) Note: The belt and clothes cannot be split